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Footwear production

Footwear production

The competitive advantage of the factory is production of footwear with capacity of up to 500 000 pairs of shoes per year. Footwear production includes the design of the footwear department, cutting, pump press, semi-finished, assembly and molding workshops. In the production of footwear use heat-resistant, waterproof materials, "breathable" webs interlining.  

The processes in cutting workshop are the first stage of in-line manufacturing process, where the shoe material is cut on cutting-action hydraulic press.

In semi-finished details workshop conducted assembly of parts cut in cutting workshop through the harvesting of thread and glue lines. To improve the process of manufacturing safety shoes and increase productivity in the factory was equipped with modern sewing machines of the company «Pfaff» (Germany), allowing with minimum number of employees to perform a large number of items.

In tightening workshop shoes are assembled by tightening a protracted block. To tighten the toe of the shoe upper and the formation of heel shoe used the Italian company machine «Cerim».


High-performance machine form company “Desma” (Germany) allow to produce modern shoe molding method of attaching soles made of polyurethane, which are characterized by high strength, weather resistance, mechanical and chemical effects.

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