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HOW TO match the SHOES TO the SUIT


The classic version is the black shoes and black suit, but if you wear a grey or blue suit, then you can match bright shoes, rather than just black classic shoes. A wider range of colors can fit the light… Read more

11 Tips how to wear a suit


1 Never wear suit and sports style shoes at one time. 2 When wearing a suit, do not bring sport style bag. You can put the documents and the necessary things in the briefcase or folder. If carrying a bag,… Read more

Men’s Suits care tips


A suit is a crucial part of the businessman outfit, so it should be treated adequately. Store the suit carefully. Before you hang man's jacket, make sure that all the pockets are empty, brush the jacket and remove dirt in… Read more

Leather shoes care tips


Do not wear new leather shoes without first protecting them with shoe polish. Make sure you used enough shoe polish. Then carefully polish with wool or velvet cloth. If your shoes are wet, never dry them in the sun or… Read more

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