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HOW TO match the SHOES TO the SUIT


The classic version is the black shoes and black suit, but if you wear a grey or blue suit, then you can match bright shoes, rather than just black classic shoes. A wider range of colors can fit the light grey suit. Almost any shoes color will match, if the color is paired with grey. The most important  is  the color of shoes to match other elements of the outfit, it can be a shirt, tie or belt! Light-grey color suit appropriate in the office, so you can stand out of the crowd and move away from the standard blue or black office colors. It  is very hard to match a black suit. So we highly recommend to buy dark blue or dark grey suit. The classic black suit only goes with the classic black shoes. Any other color of shoes will look ridiculous. Dark blue suit. Dark blue color of the suit is paired with two classic colors of the shoes: black and brown. The color of shoes, mainly depends on the dress code. Black - a strict dress code, brown – is more casual.

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