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Men’s Suits care tips


A suit is a crucial part of the businessman outfit, so it should be treated adequately. Store the suit carefully. Before you hang man's jacket, make sure that all the pockets are empty, brush the jacket and remove dirt in the folds and lapels. Pants must be cleaned from the inside. Then hang the suit on fresh air and only then put them it into the wardrobe. If it is necessary, the suit can be refreshed by processing it with steam iron. This will help to iron the fabric and get rid of the bad smell. It  is very  important to  use the appropriate hanger when keeping the suit - it should be a big one, emulates the shape of the shoulders. Trousers should be hang on a special hanger, the bottom edge should be clipped, so the trousers will take the desired shape under its own weight. Midseason suits should be stored in special closet or synthetic fabric case, putting anti- moths in pad in each case. The suits in the closet must be stored carefully not to crumple clothes. Make sure to dry clean the suit once in a season. Even if a suit is made of pure wool and smoothen by  itself , it is necessary to iron it carefully. In order not to damage the fabric, you can use a special damp cotton cloth.

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